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There is much to consider when planning for your new septic system. The variations in septic field designs over the last few decades has lead to some confusion and misleading information...


When your property conditions are not ideal or the soil does not percolate an engineered system might be your solution. The local health department may require an engineered field when the soil or ground water conditions do not meet set standards....


Percolation tests, or "Perc Tests", are the first step in your new septic installation or existing septic replacement. Perc tests are necessary for determining the type and design...

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Cleaning and proper maintenance is a vital component in determining the lifespan of the septic system. In order to maximize the life of your septic its is important to have a cleaning... 

Well & Septic Inspections

Whether you need a formal "Time of Sale" (TOS) well & septic inspection or just a second opinion of a struggling system - we are here to help. Inspections can typically be scheduled quickly to accommodate real estate transactions or to help troubleshoot an urgent septic problem.

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